So Just What IS Your Skin Telling You?

Published: 05th September 2011
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Do you suffer from a skin condition such as Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne? Are you weary of wanting to be well and not seeing many results? Dealing with skin issues can be so challenging because our skin is our largest organ and itís visibleÖ.itís hard to hide something on our skin. So this, in turn, can affect our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves in public.

I really believe a huge factor in healing our skin has to do with relaxation about the condition itself. I know this isnít always easy for all the reasons mentioned above. So if we arenít aware, we create a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety when what we really need to do is relax and let go. Does this sound familiar?

I dealt with a skin rash called Perioral Dermatitis for months and months. A large part of my job is being up in front of people, so I created a lot of stress for myself throughout this time because I wanted to be healed so badly, and I was tired of trying to cover up the blemishes.

My best friend kept telling me to relax about it and through tears I would say, "RELAX? RELAX? Are you kidding me, how am I supposed to relax when my face looks like this and nothing I am trying is working!" Thankfully I can chuckle about that today. AndÖÖshe was right. I needed to relax. I started to let go of the stress I was creating about the rash, I chose to let go of the anxiety and fear, and I began to engage in deep breathing.

These things, along with listening to my body and caring well for my skin, created the pathway for full healing.

For the remainder of this article I want to discuss a specific aspect to healing our skin that I believe is of utmost importance. The title says it: So What is Your Skin Telling You? I believe our bodies are giving us messages all the time. I believe itís how we are made, and itís a beautiful system of communication provided for us to walk in health and abundant life!

I want to encourage you to ask your skin what message it wants you to hear. What is it trying to tell you through this condition? Perhaps itís a message that you need to forgive someone or yourself. Perhaps itís a message about letting go of something from your past, about accepting a situation you are in, or about being kind to yourself.

For me, I believe the message from the Perioral Dermatitis was about how I was relating to my life. I had just gone through a difficult divorce and I was feeling threatened about a few different things in my new life and identity. So my posture was constantly on the defensive. It was pretty deep in meÖnothing that I was aware of on a daily basis until I started to really listen, and then I realized I was working so hard to protect myself, my kids, my time. I believe my skin was a reflection of how I was choosing to relate to life.

So I shifted. I took action. I chose to let go. Over and over again. I chose to think in a new way about my circumstances. I chose to reside in love and kindness towards myself. I stopped feeling threatened and chose to feel powerful instead. And I began to heal.

I encourage you today to stop and ask and listen. Still yourself. Get connected with all of you, mind, body, spirit. Your body is so magnificent, itís so profoundly powerful, and so capable of healing itself. I believe if you will ask for a message from your skin you will receive one. Enjoy this process. Know that itís good and that there is provision for you.

Deep breaths, there you goÖÖ..

Hereís to your amazing health!!

Julie Gosh lives in Austin, Texas with her two sons. She is the co-owner of Generative Solutions, a transformational training and coaching company. She loves to write and speak and inspire the NEW in peopleís lives. Check out her eBook on curing Perioral Dermatitis at and her blog at

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